About Credential Master

Credential Master turns the world’s #1 CRM into its first dedicated VCM, enabling VC Issuers and Verifiers to manage up to millions of VCs with enterprise-class
features, flexibility, and performance.

Credential Master was conceived by expert freelance Salesforce architect Alan Davies, after learning about and falling in love with SSI (Self-Sovereign Identity).

Alan recognized that large enterprises like his clients would inevitably need to manage VCs at scale, and Salesforce would be the ideal platform.

A prototype was built, a partnership with Digital Trust Ventures (DTV) was struck, and the world’s first dedicated VCM company was born.

As Credential Master has grown in capability and sophistication, and VCs are growing rapidly in popularity in industry after industry around the globe, it has become clear that Alan’s instincts were correct: VCM will soon be a necessity for all organizations, and a dedicated VCM with a Salesforce back end will bring the flexibility, features, and overall robustness needed by large-scale VC implementations.


Jesse Jensen

Director of Professional Services

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