Credential Master is a platform for building VC-enabled applications.

In addition to being a VCM, Credential Master is also a platform for building VC-enabled applications.

While Credential Master executes on the Salesforce platform, your applications do not need to, nor do you need Salesforce licenses for Credential Master to provide VC management for your application.

Credential Master provides a robust dedicated REST API.

The VC Stack

The VC Stack shows how a VCM like Credential Master can insulate Layer 4 applications from the technical details of the cryptographic processing necessary to issue, store and verify VCs:


Credential Master achieves this separation by providing programming interfaces for interacting with VCs.

  • A REST API: for external applications (i.e. applications running on their own execution platform) – this exposes a set of services using the REST architectural style, providing access to objects in the Credential Master data model.
  • Credential Master: Developer Guide REST API for Applications
  • Credential Master: REST API Specification
  • A set of Invocable Apex methods: for applications running on the Salesforce platform (e.g. Lightning or Aura Components, Process Builder processes, Flows, Apex code), these methods also provide access to objects in the Credential Master data model, in programming styles specific to the Salesforce platform. Example Lightning Components are available on request.

Additionally, Credential Master offers application development services for those customers who want a custom solution. Email for more information.

Sample code from a Lightning component - StudentPass Issuer:

The Credential Master Data Model:

A sample of the REST API Specification:

An example of a Lightning Component in use -
StudentPass Issuer:

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