Introducing StudentPass™

Powerful tools for using W3C Verifiable Credentials in an academic environment, starting with self-sovereign student ID.

Focused on Skills & Achievements?

It all starts with identity.

First, ensure you’ve got the right person.

Next, issue a digital student ID Verifiable Credential (VC).

Then, other VCs can be bound to that ID.

Skills, competencies and achievements of all kinds can be strongly bound to and carried by learners,
and cryptographically verified when presented. Learn more about using StudentPassTM with VCs for achievements.

Self-Sovereign Student ID Comes First

By issuing StudentPass self-sovereign student ID before any other VC, you do three big things for students:

  1. You set an ID anchor for binding other VCs to that student (like skills and achievements).
  2. You can eliminate passwords and personal questions, and Recognize Your StudentTM at every interaction.
  3. You give students their first Verifiable Credential, show them the value of it, and how it works.

Recognize Your StudentTM

With StudentPass, you can welcome students warmly when they log in, call in, or walk in, quickly recognize them as members of your school family, and even greet them by name.

“Incorrect password. Your account has now been locked.”

“Your birthday and mother’s maiden name, please.”

Stop treating your students like strangers.

Replace passwords and personal questions with StudentPass.

What is StudentPass?

StudentPass is Credential Master’s version of “self-sovereign student ID.”

StudentPass is a digital student ID issued by a school to a student in the form of a Verifiable Credential (VC).

When a student shares StudentPass, it is strongly authenticatable. It can replace passwords, personal questions and even physical cards when logging in, calling in, or walking in, creating a sleek authentication experience for students at every touch point with your school.

Calling all wallets...

StudentPass (and Credential Master) do not provide an SSI wallet, which is required. Standardized SSI wallets are available from several vendors, and your school may opt to embed an SSI wallet within an existing application. You can give students their choice among compatible wallets, and not be forced to stick with one.

There’s no vendor lock-in.

Credential Master adheres closely to W3C standards, enabling vendor interoperability and school and student portability.

The VC administration tools you need to scale.

The StudentPass product suite includes all the enterprise-class tools a school needs to issue, verify, and manage up to millions of VCs.

ID is only the beginning.

The same StudentPass tools used to issue a StudentPass ID VC are ideal for issuing all future VCs to students, especially those containing achievements.

How does StudentPass work?

StudentPass replaces passwords and personal questions with a cryptographic-strength VC which the student holds and controls, but cannot tamper with.

Just like with physical ID credentials, a VC is “issued” at inception and “verified” when later shared by the student.


To issue a StudentPass to a student:

1. The student installs a standard digital SSI wallet on their smartphone.

(Either a stand-alone SSI wallet or one that’s embedded within another app, such as the school’s existing app).

2. The school offers a secure connection to the student’s wallet, which the student accepts.

(This connection is peer-to-peer, private, encrypted end-to-end, and persistent.)

3. The school offers the student a StudentPass VC, which the student accepts.

(A StudentPass student ID VC typically includes the student’s name, photo, student ID number, etc.)


When the student logs in, calls in, or walks in, the school uses the secure connection to interact with and authenticate the student:

1. A student goes to login, call in, or walk in, and needs to authenticate to the school.

2. The school prompts the student for their StudentPass.

3. The student taps in response, sharing and proving possession of their StudentPass.

4. The school verifies the StudentPass, authenticating the student.

The student always decides if, when, and how much information they share from their StudentPass
or any other VC they possess.

From what the student shares, the school can instantly and cryptographically verify that:

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The Benefits of StudentPass

There are numerous advantages to StudentPass for the school and for students.

For the School


  • Integrate with any system supporting external Auth/IDP (Okta, Ping, ForgeRock, etc.)
  • Already integrated with CAS

Call In: No Questions Asked(TM)

Walk In

For Students

For Everyone

Perhaps the biggest reason to use StudentPass for student authentication: 
StudentPass lays the foundation for implementing VCs for achievements. 

Learn more about the power of VCs for skills, competencies, and achievements here.

Want more student love?

Do more than eliminate passwords and personal questions.

With StudentPass you can stop requiring students to remember account numbers, ticket numbers, case IDs, schedules and any other complex information (other than what they’re supposed to be learning ;).


When you issue a self-sovereign student ID, you can then bind any other VC to that student. VCs can contain
any information under the sun, and when the student digitally shares it back with the school,
you can immediately verify it as authentic… 

No Questions AskedTM.

Funny young man (nerd) with finger up has an idea.

“Omni-channel secretless cryptographic authentication”

This is how identity nerds describe it (said with the utmost affection).


This is how your students will describe it. Because that’s how everyone feels when there’s no more passwords or personal questions.

Not just passwordless, secretless.

Passwords are “shared secrets” along with birthdays, first pets, and mother’s maiden names.

Thanks to countless breaches, such personal information is widely available to fraudsters and should not be used to authenticate callers.

Self-sovereign student ID uses cryptography to replace passwords and personal questions with Verifiable Credentials, helping you move away from shared secrets.

Isn’t “shared secret” an oxymoron?

There’s no need to wait.

You can begin with self-sovereign student ID now, without waiting for anyone else to agree with your approach, as with achievements.

So request a demo and see for yourself how self-sovereign student ID could work for your school.

Your students, faculty, staff and your helpdesk  
will love you for it.

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