VCM for Salesforce

Credential Master is available on the Salesforce AppExchange. In only a few clicks you can turn the world’s #1 CRM into the world’s #1 VCM (Verifiable Credentials Manager).

What Does CRM Have to Do with VCs?

VCs bring new meaning to the ‘R’ of CRM, there has never before been a more powerful, intimate or far-reaching relationship technology for interactions between organizations and humans.

The “New Relationship”

As VCs proliferate, organizations gain new digital relationships with every human they interact with: employees, customers, partners, or constituents, and many “things”, too.

To exchange a VC—whether issuing or verifying—a direct, encrypted, peer-to-peer connection must first be established between the organization and the Holder’s wallet.

This digital connection:

  • is private, secure, bi-directional, and strongly authenticatable by both parties;
  • can be established only by mutual consent, and persists until either party severs it;
  • is used to exchange provably authentic data (VCs);
  • can also be used for text messaging, voice, video, file exchange, payment, polling, gaming, or any form of digital communication or interaction;
  • is independent of email addresses and phone numbers.

Ubiquitous peer-to-peer authenticated connections will revolutionize the way humans interact with organizations, both public and private.

VCM is the New CRM

Managing these proliferating digital relationships, and all the interactions that take place using them, requires CRM-like software. It may be impossible to effectively administer VCs without one; unlike traditional CRM, there is no “spreadsheet” work-around when issuing, holding, and verifying VCs.

VCs herald the birth of “VCM”, or “Verifiable Credentials Management”.

Credential Master Enables Salesforce to Manage the Entire VC Lifecycle

Salesforce has your source data, or at least knows where to get it. With Credential Master installed, Salesforce can also manage the entire lifecycle of the thousands or millions of VCs you’ll issue, hold, and verify, while leaving cryptographic processing and wallets to other providers.

CRM, VCM, Lines & Dots

Think of the colored dots in this visual as people, organizations, and things that hold VCs. Organizations will need to manage all the data issued to and verified from these dots, both before and after issuance, and during and after verification.

Think of each line as a “new relationship” as described above: persistent  digital connections between an organization and humans and things. These connections are private digital conduits that carry all interactions and communications between the organization and the dots.

Salesforce CRM and Credential Master VCM combine to provide highly scalable, enterprise-class management of both lines and dots in a single integrated system.

A Platform for VC-Enabled Applications

With Credential Master, Salesforce becomes a powerful platform for running other VC-enabled applications.

Credential Master makes it easy to build VC-enabled “Layer 4” applications either integrated with Salesforce or free-standing, using a robust REST API to handle the VC interactions.

See the Developers page for more information.

Credential Master Doesn’t Compete with Processing Services or Wallets

Both Credential Master and any Layer 4 applications on top are agnostic to cryptographic processing services and wallets in the layers underneath.

For processing and wallets, choose either large tech companies such as IBM, Microsoft, and Workday or leading-edge VC pioneers like Evernym, Trinsic, esatus and IDRamp.

Not Using Salesforce? We Can Help You, Too.

Credential Master can bring the power of Salesforce VCM to any application, even those not using Salesforce. If you’re not using Salesforce but are considering implementing VCs at scale, let’s talk.

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